10 Holiday Pet Tips

Dec 12, 2015

Happy Holiday! Here are our top 10 holiday tips.

1. Pets generally aren’t good presents – If you are considering giving a new pet as a present consider giving food bowls, a collar, or pet bed with a card inviting the family to pick out a pet together. Everyone needs to be ready before a new pet comes into the home.

2. Beware of tinsel – If ingested it can cause vomiting, dehydration, digestive tract obstruction which may require emergency surgery.

3. Keep plants out of reach – Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias can all be toxic to pets. Christmas trees can also be hazardous as the water can become stagnant, resulting in GI upset if ingested, and ornaments can lead to GI obstructions if ingested.

4. Christmas lights - We recommend bundling loose wires. When wires are chewed, they can cause painful burns in the mouth.

5. Safe stocking stuffers – Some ideas include durable toys that cannot be shredded or ingested, pet treats made in the USA, new collars or name tags. Avoid real bones that can be harmful to teeth or small toys that could be swallowed.

6. Fun treats – A few holiday treats for your pet is a great gift. We recommend small pieces of boiled white meat chicken, stuffing a Kong with canned food, a jar of chicken baby food, or some holiday treats from the local pet store. Be sure to keep all human sweets in your cupboard or in the pantry when not being used. Chocolate and anything sweetened with xylitol can be life-threatening if consumed.

7. Fill medications early – With vet offices closing and travel plans out of town it is always best to make sure you have enough of your pet’s medications on hand in case travel plans are delayed.

8. Set up a safe place – Holiday parties and guests coming and going can be stressful for pets. We recommend having a quiet and comfy place set up for them apart from the busy areas of the house.

9. Consult a vet if your pet is fearful of fireworks – People frequently set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve. If your pet is fearful of loud noises please consult a vet prior to the holidays.

10. Give your pet a big hug and be grateful for all the joy they bring to your life!


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