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Pain Management


We believe life should be as pain free as possible. We evaluate all of our patients and assign a pain score during every appointment. Patients are scored on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 4 (severe pain).

We offer cutting edge pain management for controlling pain in pets during and after surgery as well as in our elderly pets. Any time there is an incision made in a patient, we perform a nerve block to numb the area. We have a variety of medications that are used to control pain and we develop tailored pain management plans to offer the best for your pet and to take into account any pre-existing medical conditions.

We are also happy to offer therapeutic ultrasound treatment. Unlike traditional ultrasound that is used to look at the internal organs in animals, a therapeutic ultrasound is used for the treatment of pain. Therapeutic ultrasound treatment is indicated to decrease pain, increase blood flow, increase collagen tissue extensibility, increase enzymatic activity, and cause muscle relaxation and decreased muscle spasm. It can be used for acute injuries or chronic pain, such as arthritis.