Allergies: “Why is my pet so itchy?”

Sep 03, 2022

Does your pet seem more itchy than normal? Constantly scratching up a storm, especially in the warmer months… Your pet could be experiencing allergies! Yes, allergies do affect our furry friends as well. Animals develop seasonal allergies to some of the same environmental allergens just like human do. Some of these include, but are not limited to, food, mold spores, grass, and pollen. With that being said, here are some tips and tricks on how you can help your furry friends enjoy the warm weather without having to worry about allergies.

Know the signs:

Allergies among our feline and canine companions are more common than you think. Excessive itching and scratching are usually indications that your pet may be having some sort of allergy-related issue, but here are other things to look for when determining if this may be an issue your pet is experiencing:

  • Scratching and biting their coat or skin
  • Red, inflamed, or infected skin
  • Excessive shedding/grooming, compulsive paw licking in dogs
  • Chronic ear infections, or red, waxy ears

If you feel like your pet may be experiencing allergies, contact your vet. They may be able to provide your furry companion with some kind of allergy relief medication or recommend other alternatives.


What can I do for my pet?

While keeping all this information in mind, please note seasonal allergies may not be the only culprit. There is also the possibility that your pet may have been experiencing a completely different problem. For example, food-related allergies also exist, which is why it is always recommended to reach out to your vet first for their professional opinion.

Some things you can do to make sure you're covering your bases is by keeping them on monthly flea and tick prevention; this helps rule out flea allergy dermatitis (flea allergies) as a possibility. You can try bathing your pet in a soothing shampoo to help settle the skin and keep your pet comfortable, but bathing them excessively is not recommended, as you can dry out their skin. Wiping their feet and fur with hypoallergenic baby wipes when they come in from being outdoors also helps, especially if licking their paws or irritated feet seem to be a recurring issue in your household.

We know no one likes to see their fur babies suffer. Avoiding any exposure to any know allergens in best, but sometimes may be inevitable. That is why treatments exist, just takes finding what works best for our furry companions to keep them as happy as possible.



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