Happy Visits


Some pets are nervous when coming to the doctor. For some, a vet appointment is a brand new experience and it can easily be overwhelming. Getting in the car once to come to the doctor is enough to make them nervous on future car rides. Even if it is not for a vet visit, we strongly encourage you bring your pets in for happy visits. This is a relaxing, stress-free opportunity for them to come in, get weighed, have a treat, and meet some staff members. No pokes, no prods, just yummy treats. If you're interested in getting your pet used to coming to our offices, please call or make an appointment online and schedule your "Happy Visit" today!

These visits are no cost to you and can make a tremendous difference in the anxiety level of your pets over time. By coming into the clinic and having several good experiences, like getting treats instead of shots, pets become less nervous at the clinic. When pets are less anxious at the time of their physical exams it allows the veterinarian to perform a more thorough physical examination. This way, everybody is happier.